Atton’s Lake Regional Park

Atton’s Lake Regional Park features a clear water lake with sandy beaches. There are camping, picnic and playground facilities near the water. This well treed park boasts clean modern facilities as well as a nine hole grass greens golf course. Truly a hidden jewel on the prairies. Upon entering Atton’s Lake Regional Park you would never guess that it is the thriving resort community that it is. Despite the numerous leased cabin lots in addition to the plentiful camping sites, every aspect of the park seems to be an entity entirely on its own. If peace and solitude are what you are seeking you can find it here. If action is where it’s at for you, you can find plenty of that as well. There are numerous activities, organized and otherwise all summer. In the latter part of the season the park becomes a very peaceful haven with plenty of terrific outdoor fun to had.

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Atton's Lake Regional Park