Community Centre Cleaning Tender, CK Recreation Board

The Cut Knife Recreation Board is currently looking for tenders for cleaning the Cut Knife Community Centre. The current contract has expired. Below is a list of cleaning requirements:

  • Check and clean areas as required: it is difficult to list in detail everything as unusual circumstances can occur requiring judgement or additional work.
  • It is important that the building be maintained in a neat and tidy manner that consistently reflects a clean appearance.

Following is a list of janitorial duties and the MINIMUM frequency at which they are to be performed:

  • Check weekly at Town office for bookings
  • Cleaning kitchen & restocking of dish soap and Javex
  • Cleaning washrooms & restocking of paper products & soaps
  • Sweep and wash all floors that function was in
  • Ensure tables are set up for court each month
  • Mopping/cleaning of big surface area if used for function
  • Remove any garbage or recyclables that were not removed by renter, clean garbage cans as required
  • Ensure table/chairs were wiped/stacked and put away properly after each function
  • Washing of glass between buildings
  • Washing walls when needed
  • Cleaning scuff marks off of tiles
  • Washing fronts of cupboards and insides when needed
  • Cleaning and oiling of grill
  • Washing interior and exterior of fridges and freezers as needed
  • Assess for any damages after each function & notify Town office immediately
  • Report to Town office of any/all maintenance issues or repairs that need to be addressed
  • Shovel snow from all entrances & exits before each function
  • Hall to be cleaned within 24 hours of each use
  • Provide a substitute cleaning person if you are not available to clean within the 24 hours
  • Bill must be submitted on the last day of month, with the understanding that it may take a couple of days for payment

Cleaning supplies supplied by the Cut Knife Recreation Board.


Please reply by letter stating what compensation you require to:

Cut Knife Recreation Board
Cut Knife, Sask
S0M 0N0
or by email to

Author: Town of Cut Knife

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