Activities within the Cut Knife community are forever shifting as new families take up residence, as our population ages, and as interests simply change over time. Once, every rural community had a curling rink, as did Cut Knife, but eventually, there just weren’t enough participants to keep the sport going. The Town of Cut Knife then decided to re-purpose the rink, and now residents have a spacious Community Centre for meetings, and for event rentals.

If your, or your child’s favourite sport, activity, or club isn’t on offer in Cut Knife, it’s not unusual to travel to a neighbouring town to participate. This is especially common in team sports when there’s a shortage of players of a particular age group. For example, one year there may be enough hockey players to field teams in Novice and Atoms, but not Peewees. Peewee players may then choose to join the Neilburg, Unity, or even North Battleford team. It’s also not unusual to introduce a new activity. After all, who would have thought, a few years ago, that drop-in Pickleball would be so popular in rural Saskatchewan?

Browse through the COMMUNITY pages to see the wide range of leisure activities here that give us an opportunity to grow as individuals, to meet our neighbours, and to strengthen community connections.

Civic Centre and Community Centre Rentals

Recreation Board Grants

For information on the Recreation Board’s matching grants for recreation, sport, and cultural programs, please contact the Town Office.