Recreation Board

The Cut Knife and District Recreation Board’s nine members represent the Town of Cut Knife and the RMs of Cut Knife, Buffalo, Hillsdale, and Round Valley. The organization was originally mandated to oversee the operation of the Cut Knife Civic Centre and to access other provincially legislated recreation programs, which it continues to do today.

In addition to its original activities, the Recreation Board administers the Community Centre (formerly the Cut Knife Curling Rink), and assists with the insurance and maintenance costs for the movie theatre, library, bowling alley, civic centre, and community centre. With rising costs and a decreasing tax base, both town and rural residents recognize the importance of working together to maintain access to all services that contribute to our health and well-being.



February 10 | January 20


November 30 | November 10 | October 19, Special Meeting | October 14


For information on the Recreation Board’s matching grants for recreation, sport, and cultural programs, please contact the Town Office.

For information on Civic Centre and Community Centre rentals, either all of the venue or just one section, please click on the facility link below.

Civic Centre | Community Centre