Town Bylaws

The bylaws summarized below are the ones most frequently requested, and are provided for information only. The official versions of all bylaws are currently under review, and will be posted here as revisions are complete.

BYLAW NO. 151-2005 – Nuisance Abatement Bylaw

BYLAW NO. 01-2020 – Animal Control Bylaw & Fee Schedule

BYLAW NO. 08-2020 – Snow Removal Bylaw

Bylaw Enforcement Officer, Randy Kammerer, can be reached by contacting the Town Office.


The use of backyard fire pits for recreational purposes is allowed. Please ensure that fires are enclosed, of manageable size, and not left unattended. Manufactured fire pits that come complete with screen covers are recommended. The burning of yard refuse or trash in your fire pit is prohibited.


Please be kind to your neighbours in this regard. The Town of Cut Knife does have a bylaw by which noise is regulated. Under this bylaw * quiet time is in effect from 11pm – 7am *.

Another provision of this bylaw is that diesel engines shall not be permitted to idle more than 30 minutes in a residential district.


BYLAW NO. 1-2020 – Animal Control Bylaw & Fee Schedule

No household shall possess more than two (2) dogs or cats at any one time.

All pets need to be registered at the Town Office. A replacement tag fee of $10 will be charged per animal.

Any person who harbors a dog shall not allow it to carry on in such a manner so as to cause grief to persons who live nearby.

Dogs and/or cats must be retained on their owner’s property at all times unless on a leash.

Pet feces shall not be allowed to be deposited on any land other than that which is owned by the owner of the pet. Please pick up after your pet.

Should your animal be found at large and therefore impounded by the Town of Cut Knife, fees do apply for the return of that animal.


U-turns may not be made between street intersections. They may be made at intersections unless otherwise indicated.

Left hand turns should only be made at intersections, driveways, and alleys.

Vehicles shall not be operated or abandoned on any street in any manner that would constitute an obstruction to traffic, graders, or snow ploughs. Such vehicles may be removed at the owner’s expense.

Reversing of vehicles around corners is prohibited and is allowed along streets only where necessary for leaving of a parking space.