Collection sites are located at the Transfer Station and Town Office. Phones will be refurbished and donated to Women’s Shelters.

Collection sites are located at the Transfer Station and Town Office. The program is organized by Call2Recycle
. Click for more info.

You are encouraged to recycle whenever possible. The Loraas Single Stream Recycling Guide is online here and the Loraas Plastics List is online here.

Sarcan Recycling has local outlets in North Battleford, Unity, and Wilkie that accept beverage containers and paint, among other items.

Electronics, metals, and appliances from town residents are accepted at the Transfer Station, then transferred to organizations or companies who deconstruct the items and recycle the components.

Visit the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council for a database of collection sites for even more items i.e. vehicle batteries, wire, cement, etc.

And, to divert even more waste from landfills, we suggest the following alternatives for items that may still have life in them, but are no longer of use to you:

  1. Garage & yard sales: Any weekend can be a good weekend for a yard sale. In Cut Knife, we start the summer off with a town-wide garage sale on Saturday of the May long weekend. It is always well-attended, rain or shine.
  2. Thrift stores, consignment stores, ‘I’ve out-grown it’ sales, swap meets: Also, keep an eye out for charity clothing bins, school and non-profit fundraisers.
  3. Remember, there are Free Stuff and Swap/Trade sections, too.
  4. Facebook: the Marketplace section of your own Facebook page.