Members & Committees


Mayor Gwenn Kaye
Deputy Mayor Doug Robertson
Councillor Lyle Cronk
Councillor Jason Lloyd
Councillor Fred Roschker
Councillor Daryl Sperling
Councillor: Position vacant until November 9, 2020 Municipal Election


Budget Committee — Gwenn Kaye, Doug Robertson
Bylaws, Permits, Policing Committee — Lyle Cronk, Fred Roschker
Equipment Committee — Jason Lloyd, Daryl Sperling
Fire Department Committee — Gwenn Kaye, Jason Lloyd
Hiring Committee — Lyle Cronk, Fred Roschker
Sanitation, Sewer and Water Committee — Doug Robertson, Daryl Sperling
Streets and Signs Committee — Jason Lloyd, Fred Roschker
Tax Committee — Doug Robertson, Fred Roschker


Cemetery Committee — Doug Robertson
Clayton McLain Memorial Museum — Lyle Cronk
EMO (Emergency Mutual Aid) – Area — Gwenn Kaye
EMO Emergency Mutual Aid) – Control Group — Gwenn Kaye
EMO Emergency Mutual Aid) – Executive — Gwenn Kaye
Municipal Health Holdings — Gwenn Kaye
Recreation Board — Lyle Cronk, Gwenn Kaye, Jason Lloyd
Regional/Local Library — Gwenn Kaye, Doug Robertson