Transfer Station


Tuesday: 9am – 5pm | Thursday: 9am – 5pm | Saturday: 9am – 5pm


East of the townsite where Dion Avenue meets the east grid road.


Verbal abuse will not be tolerated. Salvaging is not permitted.

Only trash from the residents of the Town of Cut Knife will be accepted.

  • Non-residents will have access if they choose to pay the annual dumping fees required by the Town. The dumping fee can be paid at the Town Office at 102 Broad Street.
  • Contractors must either pay the dumping fee or arrange for a dumpster on the jobsite.
  • Residents are permitted to dump a limited amount of debris from demolition or renovation projects. For large projects, please arrange for a dumpster on the jobsite.
  • Shingles are charged at $4/bundle, and paid for at the Town Office. The receipt must be shown at the Transfer Station at time of disposal.

You are encouraged to recycle whenever possible. For more info on recycling, please click here.

Fines may be imposed where failure to observe the information listed below occurs.

  1. AT NO TIME will the following items be permitted at the Transfer Station:
    • Paint *, oil, grease, solvents, sulphurs, asbestos, chemicals, contaminated soil of any kind, animal carcasses, treated grain, tires, vehicle batteries, concrete, propane bottles, and wire.
    • Paint cans * will * be accepted if they are empty of paint and dry, with tops removed. (Leftover paint is accepted at Sarcan facilities.)
    • Disposal facilities may exist elsewhere for these prohibited items. Visit the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council website to check.
  2. METALS:
    • Large appliances like freezers, fridges, coolers, stoves, washers, dryers, microwaves. Doors must be removed; plastic and glass trays removed and placed in the waste bin.
    • Items that are mostly metal like bikes, exercise machines, lawnmowers, barbeques, etc.
    • Smaller metal items like eavestroughing, trims, tools, hardware, etc.
    • Tree branches, leaves, hedge trimmings.
    • Garden waste and grass clippings free of litter, strings and stakes, and plastic markers; removed from plastic bags and planters, which should be placed in the dumpster.
    • Untreated wood free of paint, stain, nails, staples, landscape fabric, etc.
    • No plywood or processed wood products.
  4. ELECTRONICS: We accept the following:
    • Display devices, non-cellular phones, home, personal and vehicle audio / video systems, computers and peripherals, printers, gaming systems, photocopiers, scanners, e-readers.
    • For a complete list of recyclable electronics, visit the EPRA Saskatchewan website.
  5. RECYCLE BIN: See the Loraas Single Stream Recycling Guide and the Loraas Plastics List.
    • Please break down cardboard boxes; rinse cans, jugs, etc.; shredded paper must be in a clear plastic bag.
    • REMINDER: No plastic film/wrap/bags. See the Loraas
    • Items will be refused if the proper recycling of them has not been applied.
    • Household furniture (broken down), toilets, sinks, fibreglass tubs and showers, painted and treated wood, glass, emptied, dried paint cans with lids removed, fibreglass containers from water softeners, doors, windows, plastic bags, etc.
    • Shingles will be accepted upon receipt from the Town Office (see note above).