Bylaw 03-2020, Town of Cut Knife

A bylaw of the Town of Cut Knife in the Province of Saskatchewan to provide for the exchange of dedicated lands under the Planning and Development Act, 2007. The Council of the Town of Cut Knife in the Province of Saskatchewan enacts Bylaw #3 as follows:

  1. To exchange the following municipal reserve land: Parcel R1, Plan AJ4076, Ext 0 (300 Otter Street) for the dedication as municipal reserve of the following land which has an equal or greater value: Lot 12-16, Block 6, Plan H376, Ext 0 (211 and 213 Steele Street) as shown on Schedule A.
  2. That this Bylaw take effect upon the date it is approved by the Minister of Government Relations.

Gwenn Kaye, Mayor

Preston Olson, Administrator

First reading of Bylaw #3 on 04/13/2020. — Preston Olson, Administrator

Author: Staff, Town of Cut Knife

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