Bylaw 04-2020, Town of Cut Knife

A Bylaw to amend Bylaw No. 184-2015 known as the Town of Cut Knife Official Community Plan. The Council of the Town of Cut Knife, in the Province of Saskatchewan, enacts to amend Bylaw No. 184-2015 as follows:

  • 1. Section 2 Town of Cut Knife Land Use Policies, sub-section 2.3 Industrial Development is amended by adding the following policies:
  • 14. Cannabis related uses including the sale and growing for recreational and medical purposes may be considered in the Town in specified areas, in the approval of cannabis related uses.
  • b. Removing policy 9, and replacing it with the following policy: 9. The Town supports the Cut Knife School as an integral facility for the greater community which can also be utilized to host a variety of local and regional events.
  • c. Adding the following new policy: 11. Where a community facility is no longer feasible to act as a community service, the Town may consider alternative and adaptive reuses for the site or building. Consideration shall be given to the compatibility of surrounding land uses, servicing and infrastructure requirements, and compliance with this Plan and the Zoning Bylaw.

Purpose: The purpose of this Bylaw is to accommodate required changes to the community plan bylaw for a cannabis production facility in the Town of Cut Knife.

Public Inspections: Anyone wanting to inspect the Bylaw is able to at the Town office at all operating times (9:30am – Noon and 1 – 4pm). Copies are available at a cost.

Author: Town of Cut Knife

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