Bylaw 05-2020, Town of Cut Knife

  • Section 2 Definitions is amended by adding the following new definitions:
    • Cannabis: means a cannabis plant as defined by The Cannabis Control (Saskatchewan) Act and The Cannabis Act Canada.
    • Cannabis Production Operation: A facility, approved under federal and provincial regulations, that is used in whole or in part for the planting, cultivation, testing, harvesting, processing, and distribution of the cannabis plant and any of its derivatives
  • AGRICULTURE RESOURCE DISTRICT 2 – AR2: The purpose of this District is to accommodate small to medium urban agricultural related uses within the Town of Cut Knife. No person shall within any Agriculture Resource 2 – AR2 District use any land, or erect, alter, or use any building or structure, except in accordance with certain provisions.

Purpose: The purpose of this bylaw is to amend the Town of Cut Knife Zoning Bylaw to create a new zone for the proposed cannabis growing facility in the Town of Cut Knife.

Public Inspection: We invite everybody to look at the full amendment and it will be available for reading from Monday to Friday, 9:30am – Noon and 1 – 4:30pm, except statutory holidays.

Anyone can call in for concerns and all concerns will be brought up at the next available Council Meeting.

Author: Town of Cut Knife

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