Mayor’s Newsletter, Town of Cut Knife

July 2, 2020: I would like to thank all the residents and businesses of Cut Knife for helping keep our community safe. The COVID-19 has certainly changed our lives, and as they move forward in opening up the province and country we will get to know our new normal. Take Care and Be Safe. – Gwenn Kaye, Mayor


We continue to use this system for notifications. If you are not on our list, please contact the Town Office. It is also a requirement to have a contact number for all properties in Town. Please insure the office has an up-to-date phone number.


We will be building a kid’s pedal park in the fenced area behind the new fire hall. Parent supervision is always recommended especially with younger children. Hopefully the kids will have fun riding over the moguls.


The Town of Cut Knife has hired two summer students this year, through the Student Employment Program. Welcome to Jaden Mantie and McKenna Drader. We know they will do a great job for the Town.


Dog and cat tags are a requirement of the Town. This provides a tracking system for lost pets. Tags can be purchased at the Town Office.


On June 3/2020, the Town of Cut Knife launched a greatly expanded website at It was created as a tool for residents, visitors, and businesses, and we encourage everyone to check out the wide range of information available on it. If you’re looking for something in particular, click on the Site Plan (under Home in the menu), for a direct link to each webpage. Council has committed to keeping the information current, and the website is expected to evolve as we receive feedback from the community. The first major addition to the website will be a selection of the most frequently requested permit applications, expected to be online by month’s end.


It’s been a very busy spring this year at the Transfer Station. Many visits involved spring cleaning or small renovation projects, and the Town really appreciated people sorting their items and checking, before dumping, for the correct place to put things.

Frequent question: Where do used oil and oil containers go? Town residents may drop them off at 206 Steele Street behind DARCK Contracting Car Wash.

A reminder that all plastic bags, films, and wraps now go into the waste bin. Check out Waste Services on the website for detailed information at The Transfer Station accepts electronics for recycling.

Have a great Summer everyone!

Author: Town of Cut Knife

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