Poker Rally Winners, CK Seniors

“Fun, Fitness, and Fellowship.” We had a great time!

On Sunday, October 4, 14 participants walked around a 2 km course in Cut Knife. Each person picked up a card at 5 stations to make up a poker hand. Pit boss, Ned Ramsay, organized the winners:

  • Roger Lavoie – 1st place with 3 Aces!!! for $75
  • Jean Lawes – 2nd place with a pair of 9’s, 4 high for $50
  • Tammy Martin – 3rd place
  • Lyle Cronk – 4th place

Many thanks to everyone who helped us out in any way!


BINGO, sponsored by the Lloydminster Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association (SSFA) members. Ask Mary or Sheila for entry forms.

Live on the wild side – join the Seniors!!

Write-up submitted by the Cut Knife Seniors Association

Author: Town of Cut Knife

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