Lyle Cronk, Candidate for Town Councillor

Lyle Cronk, Incumbent

Hi. I’m Lyle Cronk. I’m allowing my name to stand as a candidate for Town Council in Cut Knife. If successful, this would be my second term. 

In the last four years we have made decisions that I feel are in the best interest of the town. We now have a new water purification system that is second to none. We have made progress with drainage in town that will allow us to now start to focus on repairing streets. The pea processing plant is up and running, and we have jumped through all the hoops to transfer the old elementary school to a new owner that hopefully will bring new jobs to Cut Knife. 

Thanks for taking the time to vote in our upcoming election.


Lyle Cronk
Text and photo submitted by Lyle Cronk.

ADVANCE POLL: Wednesday, October 28, 4pm – 7pm at the Town Office, 102 Broad Street, Cut Knife.

ELECTION DAY POLL: Monday, November 9, 9am – 8pm at the Town Office, 102 Broad Street, Cut Knife.

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Author: Town of Cut Knife

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