New Blog in Town, Tuc’s Troubles

If you were a regular subscriber to the Cut Knife Highway 40 Courier, you’ll be familiar with “Tuc’s Troubles”, a biweekly column featuring Tuc, the Manx, and his servants Andrea and Ray Stewart. The CK Courier shut down at the end of September, but Tuc’s readership has prevailed, and his column is now online.

I liked writing my column so much, and so many people seemed to enjoy it, that I thought it would be good to find a way to continue, and this is it… “Tuc’s Troubles” will continue to be an easy to read-and-enjoy message with a little bit of humour, and maybe some food for thought.

Andrea stewart

Tuc’s Troubles” is online at Posts will be published weekly, alternating new columns with ones from the CK Courier archives. Andrea invites comments, “but be kind, he is only a cat (but don’t tell him that).”

Author: Town of Cut Knife

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