Canadian Royal Purple Week, Town of Cut Knife


Proclamation of Canadian Royal Purple Week – May 16-22, 2021 

WHEREAS, this Canadian Society of fun-loving, dynamic, dedicated volunteers help children and their communities. 

WHEREAS, this Nationally Incorporated not-for-profit organization provides a forum for like minded individuals to come together to make a difference in their communities. 

WHEREAS, local decision making and the opportunity to learn builds sustainability. 

WHEREAS, the Principles of Canadian Royal Purple, Justice, Charity, Love and Service provide a strong foundation to learn and prosper. 

WHEREAS, the impact of the volunteer work of Canadian Royal Purple members serves each lodge’s community. 

WHEREAS, membership is open to a resident of Canada who has reached 14 years of age, who supports democratic and lawful government and the purposes and objectives of the Canadian Royal Purple Society.

WHEREAS, Royal Purple is a valuable asset to our community, Cut Knife Lodge #234 has existed since 1959.

WHEREAS, Royal Purple has existed in Canada since 1914.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that as the Mayor of Cut Knife, I do proclaim our Town will recognize May 16-22, 2021 as “Canadian Royal Purple Week.” 

We hereby recognize Canadian Royal Purple for the significant impact it has made and continues to make in our Community. 

For more information on joining this organization, call Sue 398-3737 or Terri 398-4987.

Author: Town of Cut Knife

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