Daryl Sperling, Candidate for Mayor

Daryl Sperling

My name is Daryl Sperling.

I’ve served the community of Cut Knife now for six years, and I have decided to take the next step. I’m throwing my hat in the ring for a chance to be the next mayor – and as the people of Cut Knife know, I take my hats pretty seriously, since I’m rarely seen without them.

I have been proud to raise my family and operate a business in this Town. I want to continue to work with the citizens and the Council towards a community they are proud of, too.

With the relationships I have built, the training I’ve received, and the projects I have worked on – I am looking forward to continuing the positive progress we’ve made in Cut Knife. I am looking forward to working on things we know need to be taken care of.

I hope you are ready to join me with your support and your vote of confidence.

Text and photo submitted by Daryl Sperling.

ADVANCE POLL: Wednesday, October 28, 4pm – 7pm at the Town Office, 102 Broad Street, Cut Knife.

ELECTION DAY POLL: Monday, November 9, 9am – 8pm at the Town Office, 102 Broad Street, Cut Knife.

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Author: Town of Cut Knife

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