Jason Lloyd, Candidate for Town Council

Jason Lloyd, Incumbent

Hello, my name is Jason Lloyd. I am a business owner and farmer in the community. I am currently a member of Council for the Town of Cut Knife.

I think we have done a pretty good job with the water treatment plant and other projects over the last 4 years. I hope that going forward we get a chance to work on the next projects we have on our list to better our town and community. Being on Council has opened my eyes as to how stuff works around the town and the process we have to go through each time we want to do or change something.

I hope to have your support to continue trying to make a great community with lots of opportunity.

Thank you,

Jason Lloyd
Text and photo submitted by Jason Lloyd.

ADVANCE POLL: Wednesday, October 28, 4pm – 7pm at the Town Office, 102 Broad Street, Cut Knife.

ELECTION DAY POLL: Monday, November 9, 9am – 8pm at the Town Office, 102 Broad Street, Cut Knife.

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Author: Town of Cut Knife

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