Lloyd Weeseekase, Candidate for Town Council

Lloyd Weeseekase

Good day fellow community members. As you may know I’m running for Town Council for the Town of Cut Knife. I would like to share some information about myself.

I’m a retired RCMP member of 20 years, and during my career in 1991-97 I served in the community of Cut Knife and surrounding areas. My family and I were very involved in the community. Cheryl and I moved back to the community 3 years ago and have made this our home. I’m very community minded and will listen to all concerns, and have an open door policy.

I believe that if we work together and resolve issues that effect our everyday living, our community will be a safe and better place to live. If elected, I will do my best to work for the community. I would like to wish all candidates the best of luck.

Lloyd Weeseekase
Text and photo submitted by Lloyd Weeseekase.

ADVANCE POLL: Wednesday, October 28, 4pm – 7pm at the Town Office, 102 Broad Street, Cut Knife.

ELECTION DAY POLL: Monday, November 9, 9am – 8pm at the Town Office, 102 Broad Street, Cut Knife.

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Author: Town of Cut Knife

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