Brighten Someone’s Day, Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism

LET NO ONE BE ALONE WEEK will be dedicated to REACHING OUT AND CONNECTING WITH OLDER ADULTS who live alone, as well as those in care facilities.

Saskatchewan seniors mechanism


From the Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism (SSM) website:

“SSM invites everyone in Saskatchewan to participate in this week, at a time when isolation is a big concern. Social isolation can lead to feelings of loneliness, fear and negative self esteem. It affects physical, emotional and mental health.

During the week SSM will provide ideas to help combat isolation. Each day will have a special theme:

  • January 25, Communication: reminiscing, letters, phone calls, emails, FaceTime, Zoom, etc. More ideas here.
  • January 26, Exercise: walking, virtual challenges, etc. More ideas here.
  • January 27, Arts: crafts, adult colouring, etc. More ideas here.
  • January 28, Spiritual Practices: self reflection, help someone, do something new, etc. More ideas here.
  • January 29, Virtual Travel & Events: virtual trips, streaming events, connect through technology, etc. More ideas here.
  • January 30, Music: sing-a-longs, song books, recorded events, etc. More ideas here.
  • January 31, Nature: fresh air and sunshine, bird-watching, houseplants, etc. More ideas here.

Our hope is that you reach out in your communities and do something special for someone who may be lonely.”

Author: Town of Cut Knife

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